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Turn Your Phone Into a Mobile Reading Assistant!


Mobile phone with elumo logo

TextScout turns your camera phone into a mobile reading assistant. All you need to do is to take a picture of the text - TextScout will read it to you in a pleasing voice.

The integrated alignment assistant helps you to align your mobile phone with the text. With TextScout, you will be able to read texts anywhere, anytime, and independently - at home and on the road.

TextScout can be easily customised to your individual needs. Our online service myScout provides you with a set of tools for your processed texts. For example, you can have the resulting text sent to you via e-mail.




TextScout - New version 1.55

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Latest TextScout version 1.55 supports two new handsets and French as a menu language.

Nokia Touchscreen models N8 and X6 are now listed as compatible phones.